infrastructures aéroportuaires

Professionals working in the airport sector are fully aware of the environmental, social and ethical challenges of their line of business. Issues such as environmental protection, the sustainable management of natural resources and the social and ethical responsibility of companies are becoming increasingly important concerns for public opinion and the Government. This sector therefore has a duty to set an example, take the necessary action, prove their commitments and inform stakeholders.
The ProTarmac label was created to fulfil this need.
It illustrates the steps taken by the airport sector and makes them visible to all stakeholders.
It acts as a guarantee of transparency and credibility for all label holders.

With the ProTarmac Label, you can:

  • Make your efforts tangible for the general public thanks to the recognition of the label,
  • Advance towards the model of a responsible company of the 21st century,
  • Promote the positive practices of your firm,
  • Identify areas of improvement and progress workstreams,
  • Make these eco-responsible initiatives better known among various audiences,
  • Communicate about your commitments,
  • Reinforce your brand,
infrastructures aéroportuaires
Logo Label ProTarmac

THE ProTarmac LABEL:

  • Encourages professionals to improve their operations on the different criteria of the Label,
  • Fosters the sharing of best practices between the labelled companies,
  • Supports professionals in their commitments and the long-term implementation of their responsibility policies,
  • Encourages collaboration between stakeholders bearing the label,
  • Deploys large-scale communication all year round to promote the companies holding the label.