The ProTarmac Label

The ProTarmac Label pays recognition to the ethical, social and environmental practices of airport infrastructure professionals.

The ProTarmac label is aimed at all organisations working in airport sector, whether major airports or aerodromes, major companies or SMEs, service providers (handling,  loading or unloading of cargo, refueling operations, maintenance…) or consultancy firms, etc.

Thanks to the ProTarmac label, the companies bearing this recognition can promote their positive practices and publicise the progress they make and their drive for continuous improvement.

The label offers them a tangible way of illustrating their achievements to their different targets.


Examining more than 500 criteria, an independent committee assesses the company’s performance. Several labelling and award levels offer an opportunity to the company to be supported on its continuous improvement journey.

More than 500 criteria
An independent labelling committee
Support for continuous improvement





Logo CDR Conseil

Why did you choose the ProD&S label?

“As people around me can be quite reticent towards the defence sector, I felt it was important to show that it could be fully aligned with ethical practices and demonstrate its consideration for people, regulations and the environment. When I heard about the ProD&S label, I immediately said to myself that we absolutely had to take steps to be a part of it and thus prove that there are more ways of showing positive commitment than greenwashing or talking about positive discrimination. But I am fully aware that there is a long way to go before we reach the upper echelons of the label! “

Christophe Delhaise-Ramond

Founder & CEO – CDR Conseils (Label Essential)

logo SAS

Why did you choose the ProD&S label?

“In our work in the defence and security sector, it is essential for our company to prove its ethical and environmental commitment.
The different labelling levels that you propose give us an opportunity to promote our efforts in these areas. Moreover, they act as an incentive to develop our internal processes even further to obtain a higher level of certification.
We are now committing our subcontractors to the same approach in order to provide our end customers with an ethical end-to-end service.”

Grégoire Lanza

Président – SAS (Label Essential)


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